Phosphorus Removal and Excess Flow Improvements Project

Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District applied for and received a $4 million loan from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) for the construction of the Phosphorus Removal and Excess Flow Improvements Project. The repayment of this low interest loan (1.56%) over 20 years allows the District to build this project without putting undue stress on its annual budget. The phosphorus removal component of the project is a new requirement of the IEPA in our wastewater treatment permit. The terms of our permit require that this work be completed by August 1, 2019.

The project consists of the construction of two chemical tanks, three chemical dosing pumps, a phosphorus analyzer for chemical removal of phosphorus from the wastewater, conversion of the two clarifiers to dedicated phosphorus settling tanks, a backup submersible pump from these tanks, replacement of two grit washers, conversion of a third clarifier to dedicated excess flow treatment, and a new plant drain pipe.


Tall Trees/Midwest Club Lift Station Improvements (Almost Complete)

The contract work is almost complete on the New Meyers Rd Lift station that will replace the 1960's era Tall Trees and Midwest Club Lift Stations.  The project included installing 2700 linear feet of 10 inch sewer by horizontal directional drilling.  All underground work is complete and on May 26th 2016 the prefab lift station control building was put in place.  Final ComEd and Nicor service connections are required before the station is finalized and put into service.  FCWRD would like to thank DuPage County DOT, Village of Oakbrook DPW and all the residents for cooperating with the construction activities.  The new station will be a substantial improvement from the aged systems it is replacing.

High Efficiency Blower Addition Project (Complete)

Work was completed adding a high efficiency blower to the treatment plant. The contract value was approximately $375,000. The work will result in the District saving $50,000 - $75,000/year in electricity cost and the project is eligible for up to $261,000 of state grants. The work will improve the treatment process by eliminating periods of either under or over aeration.

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Plant Electrical Improvements (Design)

The design is 99.99% complete and ComEd is doing its final review of the details of how the new 13KV electric feeders will be utilized for power and back-up power.  The work will eliminate antiquated high voltage switch gear and wiring and allow for the use of a large portable generator should a complete power loss happen.  It is expected advertising the final contract for construction will happen this summer (2016) and a contractor will be selected from a competitive bidding process with work to begin in the fall (2016).

Tertiary Filter Replacement Project (Complete)

The old sand filters were removed and replaced with cloth media disk filters. The project was completed in 2014 and cost approximately $3,500,000. The new technology uses less energy and provides better processing.

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Tertiary Filter Protection Screen (Complete)

A bar screen was added at the influent to the plants new disk filters. The screen will add protection to the new disk filters by removing debris and algae from the influent stream. Project cost was approximately $200,000 utilizing in-house design and procurement methodology.

York Road Lift Station Improvement Design (Planning Phase)

In-house planning efforts have resulted in an engineering scope of work for the design of improvements to the York Road Lift Station. Better station access, new pumps, piping and valves will result upon the completion of the project in 2017. The planned project costs are estimated to be $500,000.

Sewer Lining

The District budgets $500,000 annually for rehabilitation of aged and deteriorated sewer mains. Work is competitively bid on a 3 year cycle. In-house staff inspects and televises sewers and plans and coordinates the rehabilitation.




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