Flagg Creek requires a permit for the following sewer projects:

    - New Sewer Lateral Connections
    - Sewer Lateral Disconnects
    - Sewer Lateral Reconnections
    - Sewer Lateral Repairs or Linings
    - Sewer Lateral Replacements
    - New Grease Interceptors/ Traps
    - Main Sewer Extensions
    - Septic Tank Conversions to the District's Main Sewer Line
    - Upgrades to Commercial Water Usage Flow
    - Sprinkler Ordinance Participation
    - Grease Haulers Operating Within the District

A permit application must be completed and submitted to Flagg Creek prior to any work commencing. The completed permit must accompany the permit fee payment ( See Fee and Permit Schedule ). Upon completion of the project, all work must be inspected by a District inspector to ensure all work is in accordance with District standards.

New commercial construction or significant commercial remodels must have their sewer connection plans submitted to the District's plan review department to ensure District standards are being complied with prior to any work commencing. Please contact Pat Giacobbe for any assistance in complying with this requirement.

Ordinance No. 504 - The Code of Laws





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